Chaitanya Amballa


MS student,
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
Contact: Room 241, Coordinated Science Laboratory (CSL), Urbana

Links: linkedin, github

About me

Hi! I'm an graduate student of the SyNRG lab in the ECE department at UIUC, advised by Prof. Romit Roy Choudhury. Prior to joining UIUC, I worked as a Researcher at TCS Research, Hyderabad for about 3 years. I completed my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from Indian Insitute of Technology Tirupati (IIT Tirupati) in 2019. I've had the pleasure to work with Prof. K. P. Naveen for my undergraduate thesis.


My research interests are broadly in the mix of reinforcement learning, signal processing and online learning. I'm interested in understanding and developing reliable decisions with guarantees for various real-world problems. Although, I'm driven by the application of these technologies to solve real-world problems, I'm fairly interested in understanding and contributing on the theoretical front to these applications. Currently, I'm working on generating 2D floor plans of indoor environments using trajectory and WiFi data.

Recent Publications

  1. Identifying near-optimal decisions in linear-in-parameter bandit models with continuous decision sets
    Sanjay P Bhat Chaitanya Amballa
    UAI 2022

  2. Computing an Efficient Exploration Basis for Learning with Univariate Polynomial Features
    Chaitanya Amballa, Manu K Gupta, Sanjay P Bhat
    AAAI 2021

see this for the complete list of publications.